1. Design
Your personal pool expert will meet at your house. They will measure your backyard and discuss your vision for your new backyard paradise.Your next meeting will be in our newly remodeled showroom. You will sit with your expert and review your 3D rendering of your backyard. At this time, you can make your selection for tile, coping, equipment, deck, etc. After your choices are finalized and your contract signed your personal pool expert and your project manager will come to your house and lay out your pool. You will be able to make any last minute changes. Your project manager will go over the construction process and give you his contact information.
2. Let’s Dig In
Our professional pool excavators will remove all dirt and debris and set the forms. Your pool is starting to take shape.
3. Plumbing and Electrical
Our professional plumbing crew will install the plumbing lines for your pool to run at peak performance. Our licensed professional electricians will install all electronic components per city and state codes.
4. Steel
We take pride and time in this step so that we can offer you a lifetime structural warranty. The hundreds of feet of #4 rebar will create the structure of your pool.
5. Gunite/Shotcrete
Your project superintendent will conduct an extensive internal review on your pool to assure it has been built to the highest quality that only Capital Custom Pools can provide. Our highly trained professional Gunite crew will air place concrete material to create the shell, steps, floor and pool walls.
6. Tile & Coping
Based on your selections our expert tile and coping crew will install your custom tile and coping.
7. Deck
The deck can now be laid out and formed. Your project manager will discuss the process in which your custom deck will be built.
8. Outdoor Living
Any other outdoor structures, BBQ’s, rock structures, waterfalls, etc. will be completed based on the schedule given by your project manager.
9. Interior Finish
We are almost there!! At this point, our expert interior crew will arrive and install your custom color selection. Your project manager will explain the process for the custom color you have selected. At this time the water hoses go in the pool and it will start filling.
10. Start-Up
Once the pool is full our professional pool care associate will start-up the pool pumps, cleaning systems, lights, filter, etc. Our professional will balance all chemicals and test for water clarity.
11. Pool Party
You are ready to enjoy your new Capital Custom Pool. Invite your family and friends to your backyard paradise.